Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral problems in our pets can range from having a negative effect on your relationship with them, to causing serious medical problems. Behavior disorders can result in self-induced trauma, property destruction and ingestion of potentially harmful items. Fortunately, there exist many treatment options for problems when they are addressed early including behavior modification, supplements and mood altering drugs.

The first step in addressing behavioral problems is trying to prevent them from occurring in the first place. That is why we encourage questions regarding possible behavior annoyances, before they become real problems. We also discuss proper training and socialization of young dogs and cats that can help to reduce the development of these problems as the pet ages.

When managing behavioral problems, just as in managing medical problems, early detection and correction are critical to a positive outcome. If you are struggling with a behavioral problem, be it inappropriate urination, thunderstorm phobias, irrational fear, or aggression between family pets, contact our office today to make an appointment to see how the problem may be managed. Not all behavioral problems can be completely corrected, but with proper management, many can reach a tolerable level.


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