Laser Technology


Small Animal Laser Surgery
When considering surgery for your pet, laser surgery is an option for you at our clinic. Laser surgery does not use traditional scalpels or scissors for cutting tissue, but rather heats the water within the tissue to cut and cauterize at the same time. This method seals blood and nerve endings, resulting in less pain, bleeding, swelling and chance of infection as well as creating faster recovery times than traditional surgical options.

Laser surgery is appropriate for most routine surgeries and also allows us to perform surgeries that we might not otherwise be able to perform due to the location in the body and/or risk of bleeding. It also reduces anesthetic time on many procedures because of the minimal amount of tissue bleeding. Because of the advantages, mass removals and feline declaw procedures are all performed with a laser.

One area where laser surgery is of particular benefit is in nares ablation for dogs and cats with abnormally small external nasal openings such as Pugs, Shih-tzus, Bulldogs, and Persians. The procedure involves removal of a small amount of nasal tissue that is blocking the airway resulting in a larger opening for breathing. Studies have shown that this procedure, when done when the patient is young, dramatically reduces the development of upper airway collapse so common in these breeds. It also reduces respiratory noise, helping everyone get a better night sleep. The procedure is generally performed at the time of spay/neuter, but can be done at any time with very cosmetic results. Owners report noticing a difference in their pet’s breathing right away.


Class IV Therapy Laser - drug-free pain control
In an effort to continue to provide our clients with the very best and latest treatment options, we are very pleased and excited to announce the availability of Class IV Therapy Laser treatments at our facility. Used by professional sports teams for management of their players’ injuries, this extraordinary medical tool is now available for your pet. This treatment is backed by multiple clinical studies and is cleared by the FDA.

Class IV Therapy Lasers stimulates very specific areas in a patient’s cells, setting up a cascade of events that ultimately promotes wound healing, reduces pain and inflammation, kills bacteria, and decreases swelling. The process can be used for numerous conditions including chronic arthritis, feline lower urinary tract disease, post-operative pain management, back injuries, lick granulomas, ear infections, hot spots and many others. In short, if your pet has pain, swelling, or infection, therapy laser treatments can help.

Therapy Laser treatments have been featured in DVM News Magazine multiple times and on Good Morning America twice. In 2009 it was awarded one of the World’s Best Veterinary Products of 2009 by the popular ABC morning news show.

Laser Therapy treatments may not eliminate the need for medications, but may decrease the need for pain medications especially in dogs and cats suffering from chronic arthritis. Treatments take between 5 and 30 minutes and are completely painless. To learn more about how your pet may benefit, ask our health care team for a treatment plan at your next appointment, or schedule a consultation today.


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