Rapid, safe and permanent identification of your pet

If you have ever had the experience of losing your pet, you know the anxiety and worry that goes through your mind. 10 million pets are lost every year, and without identification 90% won’t return home. If your pet goes missing, wouldn’t you like to have the confidence of knowing that he or she has been equipped with a permanent identification microchip that can be read by hospitals and animal shelters throughout the country? Since many dogs and cats are found without collars or tags, this permanent identification is invaluable. Plus, the information can be updated easily, so if you move, the chip moves with you.

The HomeAgain microchip is implanted under the skin at the base of your dog or cat’s neck, similar to a vaccination, and contains within it a unique code that gives rescuers the ability to have your contact information 24/7 from the HomeAgain database. The HomeAgain system also allows you to generate lost pet posters and automatically notifies local hospitals and shelters that your pet is missing.

Implantation takes only a few moments, and we send the registration in for you. In addition to their Proactive Pet Recovery Network, HomeAgain offers many advantages not found with other microchipping services.

  • Free access to 24/7 Emergency Medical Consultations including ASPCA’s Poison Control.
  • Unique technology that minimizes migration of the microchip after implantation.
  • Relocation of your pet anywhere in the continental United States, so if you lose your pet while on vacation, HomeAgain will cover the cost of bringing your pet home after they are recovered.

Call or email us today to make your appointment. Implantation and your first year’s membership costs only $42. Your microchip’s number is registered for life and if you choose to continue receiving the above additional benefits, you pay only $17 per year.

Already have a microchip? Make sure that we have your pet’s microchip ID and consider registering your pet with HomeAgain for their network benefits. HomeAgain will register any microchip in their system allowing you to have access to all the above benefits for your pet. Registration costs only $17 a year.


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