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We offer full-service small animal care as well as ambulatory and emergency equine care. We continue to update our services to bring you more options and better care for your pet. As these services become available we will bring you information as to how they can help care for your animals and bring them longer, healthier lives.


Small Animal
In addition to offering the routine wellness, dentistry and surgical services you would expect from a quality practice, we offer specialized services including laser surgery, therapy laser and state-of-the-art vital monitors for anesthetized patients. Laser surgeries offer less pain, bleeding and swelling during and after the procedure and allows us to perform some procedures that would not otherwise be possible with a traditional scalpel. Our in house diagnostic capabilities offer rapid test results for critically ill patients when time is of the essence. In addition, we utilize multiple outside labs for diagnostics which also allows us to offer discounted screening panels to our patients to promote early detection of many disease processes. This allows for better long-term management and longer quality lives for our patients. Our practice services also extend to our smallest members of the family including pocket pets, ferrets, rabbits, and some birds. Many of our pets are afflicted with behavioral problems that disrupt our relationship with them including noise phobias, inappropriate urination, and aggression to name a few. Behavioral problems can be minor annoyances to serious threats, but we look forward to discussing these problems with you and finding a solution through a variety of treatment options. And because some problems need more specialized care, we offer consultations and in-house services with board certified internal medicine and surgical specialists.

The ambulatory equine practice offers routine vaccination and other wellness care and the convenience of a 24-hour emergency service. We have digital radiology services to assist in lameness and pre-purchase examinations by providing horse-side diagnosis of orthopedic problems. Performance horses can often benefit from intra-articular injections as part of an arthritis pain management program. We will be happy to discuss how this technique may be of benefit to your horse. Endoscopy is a major benefit for horses having respiratory problems. Our clinic has the capability to examine the upper and main airways of your horse to look for problems that may influence performance or overall health. For those individuals having a breeding program, we offer ultrasound guided examinations to better predict breeding dates as well as screen for pregnancy. Facilities housing multiple horses need strategic wellness programs to maintain proper herd health. We can help you design a comprehensive vaccination, deworming, and Coggins testing program for your stable.

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